Bianca | Washington, MI Mommy & Me Maternity Session

I am really bad at keeping up with my photography blog! It's been over a year and a half since I last posted. I decided to start fresh and scrap my old blog posts. I am always at a loss for words whenever I try to write a post. Luckily, since I'm a photographer, I can let my images do all the talking haha. My goal for 2018 is to keep up on my blog and hopefully post once a week! 

I'm going to start off my new blog with a beautiful maternity session of my lifelong friend and her kiddies! This session is one of my favorites from the past year. Every time I look at the images, I smile from ear to ear. 

Bianca and I were brainstorming her session while hanging out over the summer. We were envisioning light colors, floral crowns and pure joy! I think we hit the nail on the head with this session. Bianca was due in January, so that meant her session was in late fall. Of course, the day of her session it was windy and about 12 degrees out. We moved her session into my studio and then braved the cold at the end at sunset. I am so happy that we did her session in my studio. I don't think it would've turned out the way it did if we would've done it anywhere else! 

The amazing Chelsea Smith from GLDN designed the floral crowns. She totally made Bianca's dream come true! I think everyone should wear a floral crown at least once in their life... heck... wear one every day if you wanted! I put it on while driving to my studio and I felt like a princess haha. Check out Chelsea's talented work here -

My friend (also cousin by marriage) , Bianca, runs a beautiful blog! She posts about a little bit of everything. From family, to fashion, to a little bit of Jesus, you'll find it on her blog! Click here to check it out -

Go ahead and scroll through the images from Bianca's mommy & me maternity session! There are some Portra 400 film images mixed in! Here's to keeping up with my blog this year (hopefully...) :)